How Teams Work

The Dotsignal Chat plugin works by associating real estate professionals into Teams.  Teams can then be assigned to service the different markets supported by your web site.  In the screenshot below, we have 3 offices (Ann Arbor, Farmington and Royal Oak), consisting of 5 real estate professionals in each office.

Web site visitors interested in chatting with an agent in the Farmington markets will be assigned to an agent from the Farmington team, whereas a consumer in Royal Oak would instead be associated with an agent from the Royal Oak team.




Your Base Team

Your base team consists of three sub-levels.  They are, The Main Team, The Backup Team and The Team Captian.  Inbound messages start with the Main Team, and based on your settings, unanswered chats will failover to the Backup Team and if the chat is still not claimed, it will ultimately fail over to the Team Captain.  

The Main Team: You can think of the Main Team as the front line agents who will be the first to field chat conversation from the website. 

The Backup Team: Your second line of agents who will field conversations that are passed-over by the Main Team. They will field messages anytime a conversation meets any of the failover elements set forth in the workflow section. 

The Team Captain: The Team Captain is the final stop in the escalation process. If the Team Captain is unable to field the conversation, the consumer will receive a notification that Chat is unavailable at the moment and that we are passing your contact details onto the first available team member.




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