Post Notification Service

Post Notifications


Dotsignal offers a post notification service so you can be notified when key events happen, such as new leads, new clients, modified credentials, etc.

Subscribable Events 

You may choose to subscribe to any of the events or categories listed below, or choose to subscribe to all events. We will be adding more events to the list as time goes on. Notifications will only be sent for qualifying events that occur with a client or property managed by the vendor relationship.

  • All - all available events. If you choose this, you will automatically get notifications for all new events as they are added
  • lead - all Lead events
    • lead.create - a new lead occurs such as an interaction with the IVR or SMS platforms
  • client - all Client events
    • client.create - a new client account is created in Dotsignal
    • client.change_email - the client's email address has been changed
    • client.change_password - the client's password has been changed

How to Subscribe 

To subscribe to any of the above events, send us an email at Please include the following for each event you would like to subscribe to:

  • Vendor name
  • Event name
  • URL to receive notifications at

Handling of POST requests 

Please be sure your script returns a response within 3 seconds. If the response time is greater than 5 seconds, the POST will abort and will be reattempted in approximately 1 hour, up to a maximum of 10 attempts.

All POST requests will include a post_action field that defines the event being posted (i.e. 'lead.create'). Other fields for the different categories will vary. Please see sample posts below:


   [post_action] => lead.create
   [leadID] => 64921
   [date] => 2011-03-26 14:06:54
   [clientID] => 2100
   [clientEmail] =>
   [consumerID] => 10465
   [consumerFirstName] => JOHN
   [consumerLastName] => DOE
   [consumerHomePhone] =>
   [consumerMobilePhone] => 18015553220
   [propertyCode] => 199
   [medium] => Newspaper
   [propertyID] => 26829
   [address] => 342 Coco Plum Ct, Oldsmar FL 34677


   [post_action] => client.change_password
   [clientID] => 81
   [agentID] => 601
   [companyID] => 430
   [regionID] => 28
   [franchiseID] => 8
   [admin] => Yes
   [regionAdmin] => Yes
   [franchiseAdmin] => Yes
   [firstName] => John
   [lastName] => Doe
   [address] => 123 Any Street
   [city] => Salt Lake City
   [state] => UT
   [zip] => 84121
   [phone] => 18015553220
   [email] =>
   [fax] =>
   [password] => mypass
   [accountStatus] => Active
   [dateCreated] => 2011-04-06 19:30:19
   [dateInactive] => 0000-00-00 00:00:00
   [accountType] => Full
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