Engage prospects with updates on properties of interest



From your computer

In your Dotsignal back office account all your captured leads are linked with the property that they originated from.  In the event your property information status changes (i.e price reduction, property pending, Sold, etc.) you can notify all previously captured leads via reverse message text blast.  Imagine having the ability to send out property updates to a buyer's mobile phone AT THE SPEED OF NOW!

Sending Reverse Text Property Updates.   

  1. After logging into your Dotsignal back office account click on the "Communicator tab".
  2. Under the heading Step 1: Click on "Craft Your Message".
  3. Select the property you are interested in alerting.
  4. Click on "Add Properties"
  5. Select one of the templates in the "Property Templates" drop down menu.  For your convenience we have created a few default templates such as Price Reduction, Open House, Pending Offer, Homes of Interest and more. 
  6. Once you select a template it will automatically populate the Text box window which will also include the link to the subject property.  
  7. Click on "Finished"
  8. To the right of the heading Step 2click on the "Contacts" button.
  9. Click on "Show Leads".
  10. All captured leads associated with the subject property will appear in the window. Click on "Select All".
  11. Click on "Add Selected".  
  12. Click on "Finished"
  13. Click on "Schedule Broadcast" or "Send Broadcast Now"

View Your Broadcast Reports

  1. While you are in the Communicator page click on "Broadcast Reports".

Note: This report will show you when the text broadcast went out and how may recipients received the text message.


From your Mobile Phone

At Dotsignal we understand that productive agents are always on-the-go. That's why we created the Mobile Back Office, a tool that makes managing your business easy from anywhere, at any time!

The Communicator feature allows you to engage with your prospects and SOI with just a few finger taps. With this tool you have the ability to send individual or group based text messages regarding price reductions, open house announcements, pending offers, and much more including customized messaging!  You no longer have to rush back to an office or computer.

Before we begin, please ensure you have the Mobile Back Office installed on your mobile phone. If it hasn't been installed yet Click Mobile Back Office to learn how to get set up.

Let's Get Started

1. Open your Mobile Back Office App or go to dotsignal.com  and enter your email and password to login.

2. Once you have logged in to your Mobile Back Office click on the Menu bar at the top left of your screen. This will reveal your menu options.  

3. Select Communicator.



 4. Next select Create New Broadcast.  You will be given a menu of options each with its own unique message and purpose.  Follow the steps starting with STEP 1 and complete the messaging process. 



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