Using communicator to send customized messages

Dotsignal provides you with the tools to send out custom text messages to your back office phonebook groups.

Note: Before you begin, its important that you start by importing your important contacts then create and manage your own Phonebook Groups. By creating custom phone book groups you will have the ability to organize your contacts in the categories you want. 

Once your phonebook groups are complete you will have the ability to create and send targeted outgoing text messages, including targeted text messages to your phonebook groups. Text messages can be customized or you can take advantage of one of our many standard templates.  

Lets get started by logging into your Dotsignal Back Office Account.

Step one...

Click on the  Communicator tab and Create Broadcast.  Then under the heading "Step 1:" click on Craft Your Message.



Proceed with one of the following 2 options...

Option 1: Attach an existing property to your outgoing text message.

If you want to attach one of your existing properties to your outgoing text message select a property and then click on Add Properties.  Note that you can add more then one property link to your outgoing text.  You will notice that when you add properties the [RESERVED FOR PROPERTY LINK] will automatically be include in the text box. 

Next add your personalized message or select one of our existing templates then click on Finished.


Option 2: Send an outgoing text message without attaching a property.

If you want to send out an outgoing text message without attaching a property you can go directly to the text box and type your message.  Click on Finished when you have finished creating your custom message.


Step two...

To the right of "Step 2": Click on Contacts.

Step three...

Select a group and then click on Select All or check the box next to the individuals you want included, then click on Add Selected.  

If you want to add more groups to your outgoing message then repeat the previous step until all the desired groups are added.

When completed click on Finished.

Step four...

Verify your message in the sample phone on the left side of the page.  If needed you can edit your message by clicking directly on the phone screen.  

If your message looks ready to send then click on Schedule Broadcast to setup a future time for your text to be sent or Send Broadcast Now.


View Your Broadcast Reports

While you are in the Communicator page click on Broadcast Reports  

Note: This report will show you when the text broadcast went out and how may recipients received the text message.  You can even click on the sent broadcast to view more detail.



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