Go beyond property landing pages with full IDX search

IDX search, purpose built for the mobile phone

When a potential buyer calls or texts in for property information from the agent's sign rider or print advertisement the buyer will not only be able to view the subject property information on their mobile device, they will now be able to click to "View More Properties" as shown in the example below.  When the "View More Properties" option is selected the Agent ID home page is activated.


Step 1. Select Search Homes

Step 2. Select Show Me Homes Nearby or setup your own search criteria

From your Agent ID page you can select Search Homes and all active properties near by are displayed on the new map-based interface screen as shown below.


Overall improved map-based interface

The new Search map allows for an interactive experience allowing the user to scroll North, South, East and West while observing clusters of properties available on the market in your selected area.  

Enlarge the map to view the number of active homes in a particular region.

Pull the map in and view the total number of homes in that neighborhood.


At any time you can select a cluster of active homes and view the list of properties in that neighborhood.

From that list you can select a home to view the property details and photos.

User can limit results to desired price range, square footage, beds and baths

Click on Filters at the bottom of the search page and then scroll down to Enter your custom search criteria and Apply Filters.  The map will now only show homes that match your filters and criteria.  


Buyers can save their favorite properties

If you view a property that you would like to follow then simply click the green star in the upper right of the property photo.  This will turn the green star yellow which is an indication that the property is now being followed.  

All followed properties are saved in your Followed Property page.  To view all your Followed Properties go back to the map view.  In the menu bar located at the bottom of the map click on Followed.

All property information is updated in real time which means you can be assured that you are always receiving the most recent and up to date property information. 

Use the MENU BAR to...

  • Create Filters
  • Use List View
  • Search Properties Near Me (GPS)
  • View all your followed properties

Helpful Hint...

You can find the Menu bar by going to the map view and clicking on the Map.  

If you are in property view then scroll back by clicking on the back arrow and then click on the Map.  This will expose the Menu Bar.



Buyers can request information (Contact The Agent)

Consumers can request information from the agent several ways

  • When in property view you can click to Call, Text, or Email the agent
  • When in Map View, click on the Agent's Circle.
  • In the menu bar click on Home.
  • Your agent branding is located on all properties searched by the consumer.


Lender Addition-Mobile App Features

Note: This feature is only applicable to Regional, Office, or Agent level accounts that are associated with the Dotsignal Lender addition feature.

To learn more about how you can associate your account with the Lender addition please contact us at support@dotsignal.com  

When an agent account is associated with a lender account the mobile search pages will include the lender's branding and contact information. The buyer will now have the option to click to "Get a Payment Quote" and "Request Pre-qualification."

When the consumer clicks to "Get a Payment Quote" or clicks to "Request Pre-qualification" a Hot Lead will be sent to the lender via text and email notifying them of the buyers request.  See example below.





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