Following up with Prospects



Engaging your Dotsignal leads has never been easier!

Follow the instructions below for details on how you can use your Mobile Back Office to reach back out to your previously captured leads.

Before we begin, please ensure you have the Mobile Back Office installed on your mobile phone. If it hasn't been installed yet Click Mobile Back Office to learn how to get set up.

Let's Get Started

1. Open your Mobile Back Office App or go to  and enter your email and password to login.

2. Once you have logged in to your Mobile Back Office click on the Menu bar at the top left of your screen. This will reveal your menu options.  

3. Select Prospects.

4. Your previously captured leads from will be presented with the most recent lead at the top.  You can scroll down to see all of your leads.  

5. You can even sort leads by property by selecting the Show All pull-down window just above the leads.  Selecting a specific property will reveal all leads generated to date.  

6. At any time, you can communicate with a lead by simply selecting it from the list.   

7. Select the Message or Phone icon at the top of your phone screen to Text or Call the Prospect.  

8. Update your Lead Status by selecting the Lead Status pull-down-window and select the new status.



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