Sending Properties of Interest

Sending individual and groups of properties from your Mobile Back Office

Have you ever found yourself away from the office when a potential client calls and needs property information immediately?  

We will show you how to send detailed property information from your phone directly to a prospect's mobile device on the go, using your Mobile Back Office.  

Before we begin, please ensure you have the Mobile Back Office installed on your mobile phone. If it hasn't been installed yet Click Mobile Back Office to learn how to get set up.

Let's Get Started

1. Open your Mobile Back Office App or go to  and enter your email and password to login.

2. Once you have logged in to your Mobile Back Office click on the Menu bars at the top left of your screen. This will reveal your menu options.  

3. Select Communicator.


4. Next you want to select Create New Broadcast which will take you to a page called: Step 1 -WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEND.  Because your intent is to send properties to a prospect you will want to select the option Homes Of Interest.  

5. You will then be promoted with: Step 2 - WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEND.  Do you want to send one of your own listings, a listing from your office, or a listing from the MLS? Most of the time you will want to select the MLS SEARCH option. After selecting MLS SEARCH click on New Search and enter the search criteria scroll down and click on Search.


6. Select one or more properties that you want your prospect to receive.  

7. Once you are satisfied with your selections, click on the Person Icon Box at the top of the page which will take you to: Step 3 - WHO DO YOU WANT TO SEND TO.

8. Click on the PROSPECTS tab if you want to send the selected properties to a previously captured lead or click on the ADDRESS BOOK tab if you want to send to a previously imported contact.  

9. If the desired contact isn't yet stored, you may create a new contact.  First, click on the Blue Plus Box Icon on the upper left side of the screen and click Create New Contact. From here you can simply enter the new contact information with mobile number, assign them to a Group, and then Save.

10. Now that you have the contact selected it is time to go to: Step 4 - CREATE A MESSAGE.  

11. Select the envelope box at the top of the page.  You will notice that there is a default message waiting for you, but if needed you can edit/create your own message by clicking within the message box. When you are satisfied with the message it is time to go to: Step 5 - SEND MESSAGE.  

12. Click on the green arrow box at the top right of the page.  From here you can Review Properties, Review Contacts, and then Send Now or Schedule the message to go out at a later time.  

13. Once the message is sent you will be taken to the Broadcast Details page confirming the message went out.

14. Your prospect will receive a text message with a link.  When the link is clicked, they will receive the previously selected properties and your contact information.   



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