Sign Marketing with Keywords


Keywords are a great way to capture driveway leads without the hassle of having to assign each sign to a specific listing. A single keyword can be used on every active listing.


How Keywords Work

Buyers interact with your signs.  When a buyer sees your sign, they can simply text the displayed keyword to 35620. Next, the buyer will receive an instant text message that will allow them to view the details of the home in a beautifully designed format specifically built for the mobile phone. We enable your signs to be universal from one property to the next with the latest in location based technology, so we always know which property the buyer is asking about.


Keywords are a great option for use on sign riders and sign panels.



Lead Notification.  While the buyer is learning more about the property, the agent is delivered a lead notification via text message.  By clicking on this lead notification we can find out who the lead is, what property they were exploring, and then decide how best to interact with them. 


There are two types of keywords

There are two types of keywords, Agent Keywords and Company Keywords (sometimes referred to as Office Keywords).  Company keywords are unique for each office or company.  Agent keywords are unique to each agent or agent team.


Company Keywords

How are leads assigned for Company Keywords? Leads are assigned to the agent associated with the nearest property to the consumer.

In some cases when we’re not able to identify the location of the buyer, we’ll simply wait for the consumer to choose the home of interest from a property list and assign the lead to the listing agent of the selected home.

And lastly, in some rare cases, if a consumer goes 3 minutes without selecting a property of interest, we’ll assign the lead per the lead routing rules of your company.

Office Lead Routing Rules.

The office Lead Routing Rules are applied when a consumer text the office Keyword and when prompted does not allow their phone location to be used.  Without access to the consumer’s location the system cannot identify which office listing the consumer is nearest to.  When the phone location cannot be established the system will instruct the consumer to search by street name.  The system then gives the consumer up to 5 minutes to select a property from the property list allowing the system to assign the lead to the listing agent.  If a property is not selected within 5 minutes, then the captured lead is subject to the “Office Lead Routing Rules."  The office admin back-office account can be used to update the lead routing rules at any time. 

To manage your office Leads Routing Rules simply login to your Dotsignal manager account and click on Manage located at the top of the page and then click on Company Leads.  You can select one person or several persons, the system will randomly select one person from the persons highlighted each time an office lead is sent.


Agent Keywords

All leads are always assigned to the agent at the time the lead is created (consumer interacts with keyword). 


The Consumer Experience With Keywords

The consumer will first be prompted to share their location.  If the consumer accepts the location request, the Dotsignal system will present the consumer with one of two views.

If there is only one property within .2 miles of the consumer, Dotsignal will present the property and requests the consumer to confirm that the property presented is in fact the property of interest.  Upon confirmation, the consumer will be presented with the full property details.  If declined, Dotsignal will present a list of other properties near the consumer, ordered by distance from the consumers current location.

If there multiple properties within .2 miles or there are no properties within .2 miles of the consumer, Dotsignal will present a list of properties near the consumer, ordered by distance from the consumers current location.

If the consumer's location is not shared, Dotsignal will instruct the consumer to search by street name and provide the consumer with all office properties that match the street name.  Once a property is selected Dotsignal will provide the consumer with the property details and send a lead to that listing agent.







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