Sign Marketing with Property Codes

How do property codes work?

Property codes are a great way to capture driveway leads. 

Buyer interacts with your sign.  When a buyer sees your sign, they can quickly text the property code displayed on the sign to receive an instant text message that will allow them to view the details of the home in a beautifully designed format specifically built for the mobile phone.

Lead notification.  At the same time the buyer is learning more about the property, the agent is delivered a lead notification via text message.  By clicking on this lead notification we can find out who the lead is, what property they were exploring, and then decide how best to interact with them.

Buyer can expand property search.  In areas where IDX search is enabled, your buyers can expand their search on the app and find other properties of interest.  And just like your personal web sites, the entire mobile search experience ties the consumer to you to ensure that no matter who the listing agent is on any home they are looking at, you will always get the buyer lead. 

 Where can I use property codes?

Texting your property code

The agent's unique code can be placed on their yard sign or sign rider.  This option delivers real time property information to the consumer 24/7 in the form of a text message.

When the buyer sends a unique property code to short code 35620 on their device, they instantly receive a text message that includes agent branded property information with a link to view property photos and additional information.

TRY IT NOW by texting “124” TO 35620 




Calling your property code

A real time 24/7 solution for your yard signs and sign riders is the use of 1-800 #’s and codes. This mobile call to action is an "easy for everyone" solution that provides buyers with the property information they are looking for.


When the buyer calls the 800 # found on the sign they are first prompted to enter the property coded associated with the sign.  Once the code is entered our system will provide the buyer with 3 options:

  • Do you want to receive a text message?  
  • Do you want to listen to a recorded message?
  • Do you want to be transferred to the agent?


TRY IT NOW by calling 866-831-8621 & enter property code “124”


Calling & texting your property code

Can't choose between Text a Code or the phone number option for your signs?  We can provide you with both options on the same sign.  




Assigning & Reassigning Property Codes

Property codes can easily be reassigned to new properties when your existing properties are sold or come off the market and they can be used on sign riders or directly printed on your sign panels. 


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