Sign Marketing with IQ Phone Numbers


What are IQ Numbers

Did you know that almost half of all sign calls go unanswered?  That’s half of the hottest leads in the industry that will get lost in voicemail. Thankfully, there is a more intelligent way to service these valuable driveway leads by using IQ Numbers. 

IQ Numbers are 10 digit local or toll free phone numbers that can support both voice calls and text messages.  There are several great benefits to IQ numbers.  

How Do IQ Numbers Work?

Calls are routed to you and your team members.  Calls to the IQ number on your sign can intelligently route to the listing agent or other team members to ensure no call falls into the voicemail black hole. 

IQ Numbers will send property information by text to the mobile phone of your callers.  Our system sends the details of the home in a beautifully designed format to the mobile phone of the caller.  So, in those cases where calls can’t be answered, you can rest assured that the buyer is still able to get information about the property.


Whether you were able to answer the call or not, your IQ number will capture who the buyer is, which property they were researching, and then decide how best to follow up.   


Using IQ numbers to replace your phone #

Office IQ Numbers are designed to replace existing phone number on real estate yard sign panels.  

When the buyer calls the number listed on the sign they will be asked if they want to be transferred to the listing agent or receive property information.  If they opt for property information the Dotsignal system will send a text message to the buyer containing detailed property information. 



Using Text Keywords with your IQ Numbers

In addition to phone calls, you can also configure Keywords on your IQ numbers to support those consumers who would rather text.  Text message Keywords will capture every single driveway lead while giving your potential buyer the information about the home in the same beautifully designed format that looks incredible on their phone.    


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