Enhance your listing presentations with Presentation Keywords



We all know the importance of winning the listing. In today’s competitive market, the winning recipe is a combination of great service and well executed marketing.


What are Presentation Keywords

A Presentation Keyword is a simple text message keyword that can be used to demonstrate how effective mobile marketing can be for consumers selling their home.  Sellers can simply text message the keyword to the short code 35620 to experience what potential buyers will see when they engage with your mobile marketing.  

Presentation keywords will showcase to a seller what potential buyers will experience when they interact with your mobile marketing. A beautifully rich, fully branded presentation of your sellers property in the hands of potential buyers, and the insights needed to convert prospects into actionable buyers. Modern marketing tools can make the difference in setting yourself apart from the competition.



How do you access your presentation keyword?

Start using your presentation Keyword today, simply text DOTSIGNAL to 35620 from your mobile phone for a magic link to log you into the Dotsignal back office, or visit dotsignal.com from your computer and login. You will find your Presentation Keyword by clicking on Marketing Suite and then clicking on Presentation Keyword.


From your mobile phone:


From your computer:

 Go to www.dotsignal.com and login.  Next click on Marketing Suite and then click on Presentation Keyword.

Listing Presentation Sheet

We also provide you with a beautifully designed and branded listing presentation sheet that you can download and use within your listing presentations. This sheet can also be found from your dashboard.




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