Lead Routing Rules For Your Office

How to Manage the Lead Routing Rules for Your Office Key Word or Office IQ phone number.

The office Lead Routing Rules are applied when a consumer either Text the office Keyword or calls the Office IQ phone number and when prompted does not allow their phone location to be used.  Without access to their phone location the system cannot identify which office listing the consumer is nearest to.  At that point the system will send the consumer a list of all office listings sorted by price.  The system then gives the consumer 3 minutes to select a property allowing the system to assign the lead to that agent.  If a property is not selected within 3 minutes, then the captured lead is subject to the “Office Lead routing rules" previously setup by your office.   The admin back-office account can be used to update the lead routing rules at any time. 

To manage your office Leads Routing Rules simply click on Configuration located at the top of the page and then click on "Lead Routing Rules".  Next, select one person or several persons.  If you select several persons, the system will randomly select one person from the persons selected each time.  When updating the list make sure to click on the “Submit” bottom at the bottom of the page.



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