Lead Routing Rules For Your Office

How to Manage the Lead Routing Rules for Your Office Text Key Word or Office IQ phone number.


The Office Lead Routing Rules are applied when a consumer texts the office keyword and when prompted does not allow their phone location to be used.  Without access to the consumer’s location the system cannot identify which office listing the consumer is nearest to.  When the phone location cannot be established the system will instruct the consumer to search by street name.  The system then gives the consumer up to 5 minutes to select a property allowing the system to assign the lead to the listing agent.  If a property is not selected within 5 minutes the captured lead is subject to that Office's Lead Routing Rules, which were originally setup to go to the office manager.   The office manager’s back-office account can be used to update the Lead Routing Rules at any time. 

To manage your office Lead Routing Rules simply login to your Dotsignal manager account and click on “Manage” located at the top of the page and then click on “Company Leads.”  You can select one person or several persons; the system will randomly select one person from the persons highlighted each time an office lead is sent.



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