What to do if an agent's property is not automatically pulling in to their account from the MLS

Note: The Property Auto Load feature is only applicable for office or regional accounts with an IDX feed.

If an agent's property is not automatically pulling in from the MLS, first check to see if that agent's MLS ID Number has been entered into their Account Configuration.  Once the agent's MLS ID has been entered it will take at least 24 hours for that agent's active properties to populate their back office account.  For instructions on how to do this click on Managing Agent's MLS ID Numbers.

You can also try and manually find an agent's active property by going to the agent's back end account, clicking on the Properties Tab, then clicking on Create New Property.  Enter the agent's property MLS number in the box as shown below.  

Next click on the Search button and if the subject property is located clink on it to accept.  Finally, click on Submit Property.


If the agent's property does not pull when manually entering the MLS Number and the property has been on the MLS for over 48 horus please contact us at, support@dotsignal.com

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