Managing Property Codes For Your Agents

Moving Property Codes Between Agent Accounts

  1. Login to your admin or manager account.
  2. Click on Marketing and then click on Manage Company Codes.  This gives you a view of all your office codes and who they are assigned to.  
  3. Click on the code you wish to reassign.
  4. In the agent drop down menu, select the agent you wish to assign the code to.
  5. You can now either select the agents property you want assigned to the code or move forward without selecting a property.  
  6. Click on Submit Changes

Note: If you do not select a property the code will still be placed in that agents account without a property assigned to it.  At anytime you or the agent can click the codes page and assign the code to a property.  

Note: If the code you are reassigning has a property assigned to it you may want to first verify with the agent before moving the code.  




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