Managing Property Codes

From Your Computer

 Managing Your Property Codes

A property code is an unique number associated with your agent account that is assignable to an existing property.  Property codes can be utilized within your signs or print marketing.  See related topics on Signs and Print marketing.

Assigning a property code to an existing property

  1. After logging into your web back-end account, click on Marketing at the top of the page.  Then click on Property Codes.
  2. Click the code you want to use.  Note: If the code you want is currently assigned to another property you will need to to click on the code and then click on "Free Home". This will make the code available to assign to a new listing.  Then go back and click on the code again.
  3. Select or create your Marketing Medium.  This is a reference telling you which marketing this code is being advertised in. (Sign Rider , Print Ad, and so on.) 
  4. Click to select a property in the drop down menu then click to select the property. Note: If the property is not showing in your drop down menu and you have a "full access" account you can click on "Create Home" and manually setup a new property.   Click on Managing Your Properties to learn more about how to manually setup a property.  
  5. Once you select the property click  "Submit Changes" to save. 

After completing this task we encourage you to test it out on your phone. Text the code to 35620.   Example: Text "124" to 35620


 Free The Home From The Code

Before you can assign a code to a new property you will first need to verify that the code is available to assign.  If the code you are wanting is currently assigned to an existing listing then you will need to follow the steps below to "Free the Home" from the code.

  1. From the codes page click on the code you want.
  2. Click on "Free Home"
  3. The code is now available to assign to a new home.







From your mobile phone


Before we begin, please ensure you have the Mobile Back Office installed on your mobile phone. If it hasn't been installed yet Click Mobile Back Office to learn how to get set up.

Let's Get Started

1. Open your Mobile Back Office App or go to  and enter your email and password to login.

2. Once you have logged in to your Mobile Back Office click on the Menu bar at the top left of your screen. This will reveal your menu options.  

3. Select the Manage option.

You can begin to manage your Account Settings, Alert Records, or Property Codes.

4. Select My Account to update your Name, Mobile Number, or Email.  Please note that if you update your email it will also update your login.

5. Select Alert Records if you want to add or delete lead alerts.  You can add multiple emails and mobile numbers as needed.

6. Select Property Codes to manage your existing codes.
7. Select the Code you want to work with and then assign the code to a property.




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