Sign Phone Call Management


Dotsignal Call Management provides a powerful way for your brokerage to manage how your inbound phone calls are serviced. You have the flexibility to ensure every call is answered live by one of your agents, tracked as a lead within Dotsignal (and your CRM system if configured) and recorded for future reference.

Understanding Agent Teams

Agent Teams are created to service inbound sales calls and play an important role ensuring that every call is answered and service live. Agent Teams allow calls to ring simultaneously to all selected agents and require accept and service the call live.

agentteamimport.pngRequiring agents to claim/accept inbound phone calls

Requiring agents to Claim calls will ensure every call is answered live. Unanswered calls traditionally will be sent to a voicemail inbox. Requiring a call to be claimed, will allow calls to be pulled back and sent to another live agent as opposed to resulting in a voicemail.

Understanding the Team Captain. The Team Captain is the designated agent who will receive all calls that go unanswered by any of the agents in the Agent Team. Calls to the Team Captain do not require a claim/accept and will terminate with a voicemail if unanswered.


Understanding your options for connecting inbound calls

Simultaneously: Simultaneous calls will dial up to 10 agents from the selected Agent Team. The first agent to answer and accept the call will be connected to the consumer.

Random Round Robin: Random Round Robin calls will dial a single random agent from the Agent Team list. If you are not requiring agents to claim/accept calls, calls will terminate with the agent's voicemail if not answered. If you do require agents to claim/accept calls, unanswered calls will reroute to “Simultaneously” and dial up to 10 agents from the selected Agent Team.



Managing calls differently outside of business hours

You can avoid ringing your agent call teams outside of business hours by defining your business hour rules.  When enabled, calls outside of business hours will be immediately transferred to the selected "after hours" user as defined in the Manage Agent Teams section.


Call management oversight

Lastly, you can configure an email address (emails) or mobile phone number (text messages) to receive notifications on inbound calls. The system will send an email or text upon the completion of each call with the outcome of the call, assigned agent and a link to listen to the recorded audio of the call.



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